Joel Galloway
My GOD, I love Tuesdays! September 25, 2012

This past weekend was long and hard…and not in a good way. I need to be more specific, not in a tawdry, sexual way. It was actually a very GOOD weekend, but for completely different reasons.

Part of my work responsibilities includes a great client event called SWVS, which is a trade show centered around the veterinary industry located in the Southwest. The short story is we spend 11 months gearing up for a 4-day weekend event, meaning my dogs they be a’barking. The important thing is, we met our attendance goal and everyone had an educational, fun time at the Dallas Convention Center.

On another note, it’s been a busy month in the Galloway family. Every single member of my immediate family has a birthday this month, which makes things a lot of fun while at the same time incredibly busy. Now, notbody will ever accuse my family of being overly sentimental but one cannot help but review where they’ve been in their lives, where they are and where they are going each time the calendar flips over another year. And in our case, that means each and every member of the Galloway clan. Kinda’ crazy, but also easy to remember. OK, that’s not the highlight of having everyone’s birthday in the same month, obviously, but it doesn’t hurt, either.

And to finally combine the previous comments into a nice, pretty package, my GOD am I getting old. OK, maybe I should say that I’m getting “older.” There was a time not too long ago when I could work a 3-4 day trade show without any ill effects, including the inevitable after-show partying. Now, I yearn for getting home and resting before the next day, all the while realizing how sore my body is, head-to-toe. It truly is an example of the mind being willing but the flesh is weak. Used to be the mind was weak and my flesh was willing, but that’s an ENTIRELY different blog entry.

One final thought, I really hope the Rangers can wrap things up this week with the A’s. Yes, we are incredibly spoiled to have a 2-time defending AL Champion but all I want now is for them to get into the playoffs without any hiccups. After that, who knows but right now we need that pain-in-the-ass (also known as the Oakland A’s) to go away so we can get down to October business. GO RANGERS!!!

Linktastic Thoughts
Turn iPhone Into Polaroid
Yes, it wreaks of hipster. Of course, it’s a redundant step back in digital photography. However, I want it SO badly!

Seven Psychopaths
This movie makes me SO happy.

Airline Moves Babies to the Back of the Plane
I’ve already booked my flight(s)

Tennessee Frat Bros Drink Wine Now With Their Butts
It’s called “butt chugging.“ And who knew this was considered hazing? I simply call it a “good time”, but that’s me…

Bacon shortage worldwide “unavoidable”
WE’RE DOOMED! Doomed, I tell’ya!!!
I absolutely LOVE this cat. What some people call “grumpy”, I call cute as hell…

However, Tim Curry as the clown from “It” will NEVER be unscary, even while enjoying a cigarette break. (shiver…)

“Here we see a cat deciding to emplore more negative space to create tension and dynamism
in the logo she’s working on…for a SuperPAC.”

I’m sorry but that statement just made me laugh out-loud.

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